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SageGlass unveils its innovation at the windows, doors and facades exhibition in dubai


SageGlass the pioneer of the world’s smartest electrochromic glass introduces its Voice Controlled tinted Glass.

SageGlass®, pioneer of the world’s smartest electrochromic glass, announces that SageGlass dynamic glass is now able to integrate with Amazon Echo to provide occupants with a more user-friendly experience while helping to streamline operational efficiencies. Building occupants can now control the dynamic glass tint via simple voice commands to optimize daylight and outdoor views while preventing heat gain and glare. This offering is expected to be integrated into larger building management systems so building owners and facilities managers can manage SageGlass along with other voice-enabled smart devices in the building. “The use of technologies such as voice commands in buildings is growing in popularity as building owners place more emphasis on occupant comfort, convenience and productivity,” said Alain Garnier Manager Sales & Business Development SageGlass Middle East.

“Customers in the Middle East value innovation and convenience. SageGlass can already be integrated with most building management systems and controlled via a mobile app, so the next natural technological progression for our dynamic glass is the use of voice commands as an added convenience to building owners and occupants. We are convinced that this latest feature will be a hit with our existing customers as well as our new users”. SageGlass’ integration with Amazon Echo provides occupants with additional flexibility so they can control the dynamic tinting of the glass without the need for facilities management intervention, a wall switch or mobile app.

Occupants can make statements such as “Alexa, ask SageGlass to reduce glare,” or “Alexa, ask SageGlass to let the warm sunshine in,” and watch the glass tint in accordance with the command. SageGlass provides smart building installation documentation and sample code, detailing how it can be integrated with other building management components and Amazon Web Services. SageGlass completed its first Amazon Echo integration at the Saint-Gobain and CertainTeed North American Headquarters in Malvern, Pa., and is now available for users