Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

The Middle East has the highest levels of oil and gas reserves in the world. The exploration and extraction of these energy reserves represents a large portion of economic activity in most of the countries in the Middle East and they are the highest contributors to GDP.

Over the years, Saint-Gobain has been offering a number of innovative solutions to the Oil & Gas industry. From granulates and beads that are used for drilling, to additives used in the extraction phase, Saint-Gobain is also offering mineral wool insulation products and solutions in addition to special technical mortars and resins as well as a number of grades of abrasives that are also supplied to the refineries in the region



KIMMCO-ISOVER is in mineral wool business for over 4o years and is offering insulation solutions for the Oil & Gas sector which is the major industry in Middle East region.

Our mineral wool solutions are designed for industrial processes and plant equipment, especially in the oil and gas and chemicals industries. KIMMCO-ISOVER products guarantee very high thermal performance in response to economic and environmental requirements. They display unique performance features and high durability, withstanding temperatures of up to 700°C (1300°F), while being non-combustible.

KIMMCO-ISOVER is in the forefront in offering technical support and solutions backed by our long experience, latest tools and software. These reliable solutions contribute to safety, extending the lifespan of industrial facilities and making them more efficient, driving operational and maintenance costs down.






Omniseal solutions is recognized by world’s largest End Users and EPCs for designing high performance sealing systems that meet and exceed the continuously increasing performance requirements for engineered valves in cryogenic liquefied gasses (LNG, LPG), high pressure – high temperature up to 30kpsi/250°C, sour gas service (H2S and CO2) above 25% concentration and Fugitive Emission. The Omniseal® spring-energized seals can be custom-designed to fulfil your application requirements thanks to decades of experience and performance pre-validation on internal virtual and physical testing capabilities. The OmniSeal® spring-energized seals and Saint-Gobain proprietary polymers comply with the most stringent industry standards:

  • PR2 test procedure as per API 6A annex F and API 17D
  • ISO15848-1, SHELL MESC SPE 77-300 for Fugitive Emission valve stem seal
  • SHELL MESC SPE 77-300, ISO 28921-2, BS 6364 for seat seal in cryogenic ball valves
  • Material certifications as per API 6A Appendix F and Nosok M710rev3




For more than 30 years, Weber has developed a full range of solutions to sustain oil and gas sector development in the region, including admixturesconcrete repairs, grouts & anchors, and waterproofing. One of weber latest innovation is EPSILONE flow, the new generation of high range water reducing admixture, answering the demand for green concrete.

For high traffic areas weberfloor epobat epoxy flooring system meets the high mechanical abrasion and chemical resistance properties required. As for bedding of machines and industrial equipment, webertec 430 GRT Plus is a high build vibration resistant epoxy structural grout.




Solar Gard window film rejects up to 79% of solar energy, dramatically reducing heat gain (up to 78%) through glass while allowing day lighting of interiors and reducing glare (up to 94%). Building occupants enjoy natural sunlight without suffering from intense solar heat and glare, yet the need for air conditioning is significantly reduced. With the proven heat-rejection properties of window film, you eliminate “hot spots” and extreme peaks in air conditioning demands at certain times of the day. Interior temperatures are more controllable and stable, allowing cooling systems to work within capacity and consume less energy. Moreover, Solar Gard offers spectrally selective technology which provides outstanding heat reduction with the highest optical clarity. The high solar reflectivity works to block heat from entering the building, reducing energy costs. Also high visible light transmission brightens interiors with natural light, minimizing need for interior lighting.

PRODUCTS: Silver, Sterling, Stainless Steel, TrueView, Sentinel, LX, Ecolux, Armorcoat





It is a pre-requisite to have elegant and customized office front glass wall systems unique to architectural space. Vetrotech offers frameless industrial wall systems that combine FIRE safety, flexibility, function, and aesthetics. CONTRAFLAM® STRUCTURE system sets new standards in the design of transparent fire protection as a patented flush “corner butt-joint glass solution” without vertical frame profiles reaching up to EI120.

Fire Rating: 1 to 2 hours of fire protection as per UAE Civil Defense requirement




Norton Quantum abrasives is a product that provides maintenance for refineries. It offers a 3 times faster cut than a cutting and grinding disc, and a 10 times longer lifespan. Norton Quantum ensures lower manual labor for the technician and can be used for both cutting and grinding applications.