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The Middle East’s population has a history of a nomadic lifestyle and is very often on the move from one place to another for the purposes of business, leisure, vacation and religious pilgrimage. Hence, the region’s hotel and hospitality sector catering for the needs of business travellers, tourists and pilgrims is on the increase.
Hotels are noisy environments with guests moving around the premises and creating much sound in restaurants, conference rooms and common areas. All these make the acoustical requirements quite challenging.
Hotels, resorts and restaurants are also places where guests expect to have the highest degree of wellbeing and comfort through a pleasant surrounding temperature and humidity, nice scenery and an overall relaxing context. In hotel rooms, occupants also expect a standard of comfort and ergonomics that is higher than what they usually have in their own regular daily context.
For all the above reasons, Saint-Gobain has given particular attention to this growing market sector where a number of products and solutions have been specifically designed to meet and exceed the needs of customers and guests.



Insulation from thermal losses and sound disruption in buildings is a top priority, most predominantly in the hospitality sector. Essentials of highly sought hotels include environments ideal for rest and relaxation. With an ever growing market, standing out with the level of comfort you provide can set you apart from the rest. Soundproofing your hotel or motel can be the step to push you ahead as you provide noise-proof rooms and a calm environment that your guests seek.
These soundproofing systems don’t only cater to hotel guests seeking peaceful and quiet environments, but also to restaurant and bar goers who are looking for a fun time. Soundproofing can allow you to operate your business until closing time without disturbing neighbors.
To be protected from outside conditions such as noise or harsh weather conditions, exterior walls can be insulated, either internally or externally, with durable materials and efficient processes. Insulation is best placed on the exterior of the wall (when feasible), as it enables the building to benefit from the thermal mass of the walls and eliminates the thermal bridges resulting from construction or improper workmanship (these are responsible for heat losses). Based on extensive field studies from ISOVER, reference models for typical hotel buildings ranging from small-scale resort hotels to large-scale multi-story hotels were developed. KIMMCO-ISOVER provides an ideal soundproofing fire safe and energy efficient solution for your hospitality businesses to ensure you are equipped with the best tools to succeed in the market.







We make guests more comfortable and relaxed by cutting interference from adjoining rooms and noisy corridors with Gyproc SoundBloc linings and protecting lobbies, stairwells and other high traffic areas from damage with impact resistant Gyproc DuraLine, so interiors stay clean and welcoming. In wet areas, our M2TECH linings also prevent damage from moisture and mold.





Hospitality is one of the sectors where good room acoustics are really needed. A welcoming environment and the ”home feeling” for the guests can only be achieved in a sound environment where noises are attenuated. Ecophon has the expertise to make these environments calm, pleasant and beautiful. Our acoustic ceilings and wall panels contribute to reduce all unwanted sounds creating a calm atmosphere where guests can communicate, rest and have a nice time and the staff can work with less stress and perform more effectively. The acoustic solutions in the Ecophon offer are designed for specific needs in different areas: lobbys, corridors, conference rooms, kitchens, restaurants, bedrooms, bars and indoor swimming pools.



The ADFORS Novelio® range of glass fibre wallcoverings is a solution for every interior. Along with its aesthetic appeal, it makes every interior design durable and cosy. Whether a public space needs renovation, reconstruction, or an up-lift in design, our timeless and exquisite solutions come in a wide variety to suit every taste and meet every need.

ADFORS FibaTape® provides solutions for cracks on walls, plaster boards used in a restaurant or shop, moist environments in interiors. It offers a full line of products for wall finishing, each ensuring strength, flexibility, easy installation and considerable cost-saving. The full line of wall-finishing tapes includes both the ADFORS FibaTape® self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tapes as well as the innovative ADFORS FibaFuse® paperless drywall tapes that are loved by DIYers and professional contractors alike.

FibaTape® fiberglass mesh tapes have been created to work with specific needs: Cement board tape for cement board, Perfect Finish for butt joints, Mold-X10 for mold-resistant applications, etc.. These solutions are designed to be easier, faster, and stronger while also delivering excellent value and performance. The revolutionary FibaFuse® paperless drywall tape made out of a glass mat technology is designed for professional renovators and remodelers. FibaFuse® is an ideal alternative to paper tape being that it is stronger, lighter, easy to use, and also mold-resistant.

Glass fibre mesh fabrics and grids are something your restaurant or shop requires for better reinforcement. For interior or exterior, wall or floor fortification, ADFORS Vertex® always provides a solution. Moreover, they are easily applicable and durable, with a smooth finish for all walls and floors.

Saint-Gobain ADFORS is the leading manufacturer of standard and specialty insect screens and accessories for windows, doors, patios, and more. Easy to install, ADFORS screen comes in a variety of widths and lengths and serves a variety of functions to fit one’s lifestyle needs. From Extra Strength screen for high traffic areas, to Small Insect screen for added protection from tiny insects like no-see-ums and gnats, ADFORS screen has a solution to fit any need





To cater the continuously growing hospitality segment, Vetrotech developed edge cutting solutions like CONTRAFLAM® MEGA which meets architectural demand for taller glazed free spans between floor to ceiling, without intermediate joints or framing- a width spanning 2,300 mm and height of 4,600 mm each panel. Another superior product range from Vetrotech solutions is CONTRAFLAM® CONTOUR which is capable of meeting the challenging curved fire rated glazing requirement. In addition to meeting the design standards Ability to withstand fire exposure without transmission of fire to the non-fire side as a result of the passage of flames, hot gases or significant conduction of heat, thereby causing ignition of the non-fire exposed surface or materials in contact, and provides a barrier to heat to protect people. In addition to fire protection, CONTRAFLAM® range offers high acoustical performance due to the multiple laminated layers to enjoy quiet and comfortable spaces for all guests.


st._regis_hotel-sgg_cool-liter_skn_144hospitalityFor panoramic scenic view with high color rendering index with a light transmittance in the common areas 40% – 50% and solar factor 0.2 – 0.25 SGG Cool-Lite SKN double silvered low-e glass from the house of Saint-Gobain will be the right choice. Hotels is where you can use all the interior segment from Saint-Gobain. Back painted glass SGG Planilaque, patterned glass SGG Masterglass, Mirror SGG Miralite and all of the interior range can be fixed by SGG Glassmate Primafix silicon.






SageGlass automatically darkens or clears in response to sun movement throughout the day. Glare and solar heat gain are controlled inside the restaurant at all times to keep diners comfortable and the view unobstructed. The reduction in cooling requirements allows more compact and lightweight HVAC system as well. The concept of dynamic glazing is a popular topic of conversation, and it has captured the imagination of developers and designers around the world. SageGlass allows to create a comfortable and unique experience inside that maximizes the views to the outdoors while dining inside the restaurant spaces.




In the hospitality industry, peace and quiet are golden. Nothing is more important to the business or leisure traveler than being able to retreat to a hotel room for some relaxation and a good night’s sleep. Noise is the number one complaint from hotel guests, whether it comes from fellow guests in an adjacent room, a loud television, or from outside traffic and street noise.

For architects and designers of new or renovated hospitality projects, the Green Glue® Noise-proofing System offers cost-effective and easy-to-install soundproofing solutions. It can reduce noise transmission between adjacent rooms in hotels and motels by up to 90%.

Other products: Thermalbond®




As the Middle-East is the heart of international exhibitions and events, Hospitality is identified as a dynamic segment in the region. However, customer comfort along with easy renovation and maintenance are fundamental in hotel facilities.

Therefore, Weber proposes a wide range of solutions to enhance the client daily comfort standard and facilitates construction & renovation for contractors.

Our range of tile adhesives & grouts with Low dust technology allows renovation works with a minimal disturbance for the occupants. Webercol flex adhesive and Weberjoint perfect grout resist to water, chemical and bacteria to properties compliant with kitchens and bathrooms hygiene standards enabling intense and frequent cleaning.

Acoustic comfort constitutes a main requirement of hotel clients. Weber Flooring impact sound insulation systems offer privacy for customers and comply with the international standards.

Energy savings and thermal comfort are no longer an option in hospitality segment. Webertherm MW is an efficient thermal insulation system for facades fully compliant with green building regulations. It helps to reduce heat penetration especially in the hot climates.

In addition, Weber provides Polyurethane waterproofing roof solutions with heat reflective properties (weberdry 360 PU), cementitious waterproofing (weberdry 110 FX) and bituminous waterproofing solutions for wet areas (weberdry RBE).




solargard-saintgobain-sectors-hospitalityWhen applied to existing hotel’s windows, Solar Gard window films maintain sunlight while reducing heat and help hotels save significantly on energy costs, while maintaining comfort against heat, reducing interior fading and improving exterior appearance. Therefore, Solar Gard pushes the RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room) and impacts Trip Advisor score when (1) keeping room temperature balanced and comfortable. (2) Prevents continuous A/C flow and discomfort. (3) Prevents glare through room windows. (4) Fast installation: no interruption of operations. Solar Gard safety film contributes to guest and property safety, by holding broken glass shards together (e.g. blast in terror attack, violent weather, human impact). It also protects glass metal and mirror surfaces against scratching and vandalism.

PRODUCTS: Silver, Sterling, Stainless Steel, TrueView, Sentinel, LX, Ecolux, Armorcoat




In today’s hotels more than anywhere else, noise is an unacceptable nuisance – a disturbance to guests and staff. It inevitably affects customer satisfaction rates and hotel revenues in the long run. Among the noises emitted within buildings, some come from the equipment, including pipework (noise of flow, air-borne or structure borne noise…) which can be a major contributor, and is usually overlooked. No one enjoys hearing the sound of a flushing toilet from a neighboring room while trying to rest. Saint-Gobain PAM offers a complete range of Cast Iron pipes and fittings jointed by mechanical rubber couplings to bring down noise disturbances in your hotel to levels unmatchable by other common materials. The PAM Acoustic® dampeners used with plain brackets give outstanding results, far exceeding usual statutory performances.







It is imperative that working conditions during construction are safe and highly productive. Norton Clipper products are OSA safety certified, which make work during construction highly safe. New and innovative products like Clipper “Silencio” cutting blades are 30-times less noisy than traditional cutting blades used during construction of concrete and masonry blocks. This will make any renovation easy even when there is high no. of population nearby.