The residential market segment is of primary importance in the Middle East given that the demographic growth is very dynamic with a double digit increase over the past ten years.

The younger generations need for new homes represents a big opportunity and challenge. With this in mind, Saint-Gobain offers a number of products and solutions that are carefully conceived and manufactured to ensure all the elements of comfort to the people living in those residential spaces.

Thermal comfort and energy efficiency are the top priority in this hot environment. Very often the HVAC need to be carefully designed to ensure the most comfortable environment in terms of temperature, air quality and acoustics.

The other element of comfort is that of visual comfort; optimizing day-light and providing indoor illumination for the people living in those spaces is key.

Everyone deserves a decent and enjoyable place to live and Saint-Gobain is always keen to offer the most efficient and most cost effective products and solutions to its large customer base. With the frequent tension and conflicts in the Middle East, the challenges of temporary affordable housing and reconstruction are areas to which our teams give particular attention.



With the environmental challenges and economical concerned faced in today’s way of living, Weber offers a wide range of solutions focusing mainly on the



Energy saving & comfort:
External thermal insulation solution allows maximum energy saving performance through elimination of thermal bridges in buildings. Newly launched webertherm MW system, using stone wool panels, combines external thermal insulation with fire resistance, acoustic insulation and different watertight render textures and color options.

For colorful facades requirements, Weber proposes high performance and low maintenance mineral, acrylic and synthetic decorative finishes with a range of textures, offering durable and weather resistant protection.

In continental climates, Weber underfloor for heating system is designed to keep residential building occupants warm. The low shrinkage and easily levelling screed Weberfloor easy 625 allows a secure installation and guaranteed heating performance.

Sustainable constructions:
As sustainable building starts with solid foundations, Weber has introduced a wide range of solutions for concrete works including concrete admixtures, waterproofing, anchoring, bonding, bedding and grouting mortars with less CO2 emissions such as webertec MC 1 micro-concrete. Its product range fits a wide variety of projects, from affordable housing to the most prestigious and technically demanding buildings and structures.

Worldwide leader in tile fixing and flooring Weber has developed the largest offer of tile adhesive and grout resistant to water and suitable for different type of tiles and stones. Cementitious and epoxy adhesives and grouts exceed international standards and meet most demanding specifications.

kimmco isover

Over the years, KIMMCO-ISOVER has been offering best insulation solutions for building comfort, savings and safety. Our insulation solutions forms a barrier between the living area and the extreme temperature thus eliminates the need of large and expensive heating and cooling devices and at the same time improving comfort and safety. With Insulation these devices doesn’t need to work harder, consuming more energy than required thus provides a significant contribution to the energy efficiency of an entire house. More importantly Insulation makes home more comfortable by providing temperature homogeneity throughout living space.

Privacy and acoustic comfort is also a another critical requirement of a good house. KIMMCO-ISOVER products provides superior acoustic properties, it reduces the noise disruption through walls and duct system thus offering quitter and safe home.



We make living spaces more comfortable, more durable and more flexible to meet changing family needs. We’ve introduced lightweight partitions to replace traditional masonry and new generation Gyproc Habito® plasterboard to make heavyweight fixing easier and spaces more adaptable – plus we’re making internal finishing easier with innovations like new No Coat flexible corner tape.




Saint-Gobain Glass brings a range of benefits that enhance the residential space. It provides light, transparency SGG Planilux & SGG Parsol, for summer comfort, aesthetics and privacy, through optimum value of Sun Rays reflection SGG Reflectasol will be what you are looking for. For Interior applications like partitions or shower enclosures SGG Masterglass with its 6 exclusive patterns are your reference, for a modern vibrant kitchen SGG Planilaque with its uniform paints and high resistance to humidity will make your kitchen different, for a pure mirror in your bathrooms SGG Miralite, for the best compatible fixation SGG Glassmate Primafix silicon.


PAM Building solutions


Buying a new home is usually the biggest investment any family

makes in their life time. Easy and minimal maintenance as well as an absence of failure are qualities homeowners seek when looking for a living space to relax in. Disturbance, hygiene, and noise issues might be more frequent than one would desire when one overlooks things such as the drainage systems in a building apartment. Maintenance on drainage pipe systems should be kept to a Minimum and be simple. Cast iron drainage systems are least likely to fail in any situation and are easily maintained. They virtually eliminate the health risk and inconveniences that might arise from a system failure.


Saint-Gobain PAM offers its complete range of Cast Iron systems, Ensign®, to help make your home your best investment.



The ADFORS Novelio® range of glass fibre wallcoverings is a solution for every interior. Along with its aesthetic appeal, it makes every interior design durable and cosy. Whether your home needs renovation, reconstruction, or an up-lift in design, our timeless and exquisite solutions come in a wide variety to suit every taste and meet every need.

ADFORS FibaTape® provides solutions for cracks on walls, plaster boards used in a hotel, moist environments in interiors. It offers a full line of products for wall finishing, each ensuring strength, flexibility, easy installation and considerable cost-saving.

The full line of wall-finishing tapes includes both the ADFORS FibaTape® self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tapes as well as the innovative FibaFuse® paperless drywall tapes that are loved by DIYers and professional contractors alike.

FibaTape® fiberglass mesh tapes have been created to work with specific needs: Cement board tape for cement board, Perfect Finish for butt joints, Mold-X10 for mold-resistant applications, etc.. These solutions are designed to be easier, faster, and stronger while also delivering excellent value and performance. The revolutionary FibaFuse® paperless drywall tape made out of a glass mat technology is designed for professional renovators and remodelers. FibaFuse® is an ideal alternative to paper tape being that it is stronger, lighter, easy to use, and also mold-resistant.

Glass fibre mesh fabrics and grids are something your interior requires for better reinforcement. For interior or exterior, wall or floor fortification, ADFORS Vertex® always provides a solution. Moreover, they are easily applicable and durable, with a smooth finish for all walls and floors.

In multi-family homes, proximity with others can be problematic if acoustic insulation is not properly done. Velimat® provides a sound insulation solution for flooring that will reduce impact noise transmission among apartments in a building. Thanks to this acoustic underlay, residents of the same building will not be disturbed by everyday noise like footsteps, movements of furniture, or falling objects.

Saint-Gobain ADFORS is the leading manufacturer of standard and specialty insect screens and accessories for windows, doors, patios, and more. Easy to install, ADFORS screen comes in a variety of widths and lengths and serves a variety of functions to fit one’s lifestyle needs. From Extra Strength screen for high traffic areas, Clear Advantage screen for enhanced visibility and curb appeal, to Small Insect screen for added protection from tiny insects like no-see-ums and gnats, ADFORS screen has a solution to fit any need.





SageGlass is electronically tintable glass that can be tinted or cleared to maximize daylighting, support sustainability, and enhance the occupant experience in their homes. SageGlass manages the sunlight and heat that enter a building, improving people’s comfort and reducing a home’s cooling load by up to 20%. By eliminating the need for shades and blinds, it offers the home a beautiful and cost-effective way to manage glare and heat while maintaining a connection to the outdoors. SageGlass is a great fit for both commercial and residential applications, and architecturally, economically and environmentally, dynamic glass says a lot about a home builder’s and a homeowner’s values.





Multi-family homes are good investment, particularly for first time home buyers. However, living in close proximity to others, exposes people to unwanted noise. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Green Glue® Noise-proofing System offer simple and economical solutions to keep out unwanted noise.


Other products: Thermalbond®



Nothing adds more ambience and energy to your home more than natural light, but it’s also possible to have too much of a good thing. With natural sunlight comes unwanted heat and hotspots, which can affect everyone’s comfort. Solar Gard window films reject up to 79% of solar energy – providing you greater temperature stability and comfort while reducing solar heat gain and bothersome glare. Energy efficiency: Solar Gard window films reject heat and keep interior temperatures stable; it reduces your energy use by up to 30%.

Rejects 99% of UV rays it helps protect furniture, carpet and interiors from fading damage Neutral color tone maintains the natural appearance of your building, both day and night Super low reflection exceeds stringent condominium HOA requirements No mirror effect boasts a modern appearance. From terrorism or accidental explosion to burglary or vandalism, threats to human safety and property these days are on the rise. Solar Gard Armorcoat safety & security window films are specially designed to absorb shock and hold shattered glass in place. It not only protects people from flying shards in the event of an explosion (either terrorism or accidental), but also provides a barrier against break-ins, looting and interior damage. It also provides inexpensive protection against everything from glass etching to spray paint.






It is imperative that working conditions during construction are safe and highly productive. Norton Clipper products are OSA safety certified, which make work during construction highly safe. New and innovative products like Clipper “Silencio”cutting blades are 30-times less noisy than traditional cutting blades used during construction of concrete and masonry blocks.

The Norton Spitfire range of Cutting, Grinding & Finishing products is not just economically efficient, but one of the very few products in the market that are OSA certified to ensure safety.

For 80 years, the Clipper brand has been a trusted source of equipment for the jobsite. For over 130 years, the Norton brand has been a leader of product innovations in cutting and grinding applications. Combining both powers, now the Norton Clipper brand is paving a new path for future growth. With an industry leading product line of diamonds, abrasives, and light equipment for the concrete and construction rental market, it proceeds with the relentless performance that has come to be expected of it.