The quality of education a child receives will have a direct impact on his or her future.

Therefore, every parent will strive to give their child the best school and college education. Educational buildings have evolved immensely over the past few years. With the introduction of digital and technology equipment, existing schools require modernization and refurbishments. New schools are designed in a way to enhance cooperative learning approaches between educators and pupils.

Providing an educational space with comfortable acoustics and noise reduction, can help students concentrate better and be more focused on the teachers’ explanations. Having proper light and clear visual access for every pupil in the classroom to see the board and other media is another necessity for enhancing learning.

Moreover, natural light has proven to have a direct impact on motivation and productivity. Last but not least, air purity and quality is very important to preserve the health of teachers and learners especially since respiratory diseases, asthma attacks and allergies are becoming more frequent in younger generations.


The schools and universities are one of the important places where our kids spend a lot of time to acquire the knowledge. The wellbeing of the kids will help them more to receive the information clearly and quickly. SGG Cool-Lite ST in buildings facades will help you to reach the recommended Light transmission for Classroom 30%-40% | Library 30%-40% | Hostel 20%-30% and solar factor more than 35%


SGG Planilaque Extra White boards are essential in any educational institutions.





Education is about two things: teaching and learning. Teachers are supposed to communicate with students and students are supposed to listen, think, remember and apply what they have heard. It is not easy when sounds from other classrooms, corridors or children playing, running and shouting interfere with the learning process. Ecophon sound absorbing ceilings and wall panels contribute to a quiet sound environment that give a better understanding of speech, improved grade results and less voice problems for teachers.

Learn more about Ecophon acoustic solutions for education.





By managing the sunlight and heat that enter the building, SageGlass significantly reduces energy consumption and need for HVAC, while improving people’s comfort and well-being. It provides the students with a space that connects to the natural environment, which has been shown to boost productivity and satisfaction in the workplace and help students achieve better results. SageGlass provides the students with a more comfortable sport environment and greater connection to the outdoors, supporting the school founders’ vision to create a more sustainable school.

The school will save money on air conditioning thanks to the great energy efficiency of the glass and avoid the installation of blinds or shades. As SageGlass can be electronically tinted, it is also used to display messages on the façade.





Installing large glazed areas in schools, colleges and universities bathes these spaces in natural light, opening them up to nature and the environment. For maximum outward visibility, we offer the extra-large format CONTRAFLAM MEGA glazed protection solution, and the CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE butt-jointed glazed protection solution with no intermediate frame.

To ensure visibility whilst preventing the risk of fire, we offer glazing for all types of application – PYROSWISS and CONTRAFLAM® solutions – resistant to flames, smoke and hot gases for up to 120 minutes.

We also manufacture fire-resistant emergency exit doors, to aid evacuation of the premises if needed.

All Vetrotech solutions are made from toughened glass, which makes them more secure than annealed glass to withstand impacts. In the event of deliberate breakage or accidental impact, the high-quality toughened glass used in these solutions forms small cubes instead of shards. This makes our solution a perfect fit for glazed partitions, doors and windows in sports halls or externally close to recreation areas.

Fire Rating: 1 to 2 hours of fire protection as per UAE Civil Defense requirement




When designing a new school or renovating an existing one, the most important goal is to create a safe environment that’s conducive to learning keeping students focused on their studies. One of the best ways to ensure a classroom being a sanctuary for learning is to make sure it is free from the disruptions of noise. The Green Glue® Noise-proofing System insulates classrooms from unwanted noise, whether it comes from adjacent classrooms, bustling hallways, or from band practice above. It can also prevent noise from the school auditorium and gymnasium from interrupting the critical learning taking place.

Other products: Sheerfill®




ADFORS Novelio® range of glass fibre wallcoverings is a solution for every interior and not only for its decoration. It makes every interior design looking, durable and cosy. Paintable or ready-to-use? A new wall or the one that needs renovation? A flat timeless design or something exquisitely design looking? It is up to you to decide. With ADFORS Novelio® you will always find a solution! Our value added products such as ADFORS Novelio® NatureMagnet or Classic with CleanAir or Mold-X treatment make this range ready to support your walls in any conditions and fulfil any of your demand.

Cracks on your walls? Plaster boards used in your building? ADFORS FibaTape® is here for you to support you. It offers a full line of products for wall finishing, each offering strength, flexibility, easy installation and considerable cost savings. The full line of wall finishing tapes includes both FibaTape® self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tapes and innovative ADFORS FibaFuse® paperless drywall tapes and are loved by DIYers and professional contractors alike! FibaTape® fiberglass mesh tapes have been created to work with specific needs: Cement board tape for cement board, Perfect Finish for butt joints, Mold-X10 for mold-resistant applications, etc.. These solutions are designed to be easier, faster and stronger while also delivering excellent value and performance. The revolutionary FibaFuse®  paperless drywall tape made out of a glass mat technology is designed for professional renovators and remodelers. FibaFuse is an ideal alternative to paper tape being that it’s stronger, lighter, easy to use and is also mold-resistant!

Glass fibre mesh fabrics and grids are something your building needs to be better reinforced. Either interior or exterior, wall or floor, with ADFORS Vertex® there is always a solution! Easy application, enduring and smooth finish for your walls and floors.

Concentration and learning require an environment as calm as possible. Velimat® provides a sound insulation solution for flooring that will reduce impact noise transmission between rooms of school buildings. Thanks to this acoustic underlay, noises like movements of chairs and tables will not disturb anymore students working in other rooms.

Saint-Gobain ADFORS is the premier manufacturer of standard and specialty insect screens and accessories for windows, doors, patios and more. Easy to install, ADFORS screen comes in a variety of widths and lengths and serves a variety of functions to fit your lifestyle needs. From Extra Strength screen for high traffic areas, Pollen Guard screen that blocks more allergen particles to help protect allergy sufferers to Small Insect screen for added protection from tiny insects like no-see-ums and gnats, ADFORS screen has a solution to fit your need.




Educational areas such as schools and universities represent environments where comfort and protection of the individual is crucial. Making schooling facilities more efficient while less costly is a key driver for building owners. Most of those factors are carefully considered while selecting, designing, and producing the most appropriate solutions for each application.

Physical comfort is critical to effective learning, satisfaction and overall well-being. To ensure the construction of comfortable

environments, at the facility design and developmental stage, building projects must have a comprehensive and integrated perspective

that seeks to:

• Provide a superior acoustic environment

• Maintain optimal thermal comfort

• Ensure people protection

Mineral wool Insulation is a non-disputable key material to address such issues. A large variety of solutions have been developed by KIMMCO-ISOVER to cover most of the existing applications.







We make education less stressful by helping create attractive and versatile teaching and learning spaces that support excellent teacher/pupil communication. High performance GypWall acoustic systems and special Gyptone and Rigitone acoustic linings cut noise and provide great speech intelligibility. Internal finishing is easier with new No-Coat tape, while Gyproc DuraLine prevents wall damage in high traffic areas and the outstanding fixing properties of new Gyproc Habito® make reconfiguring spaces simple.





Work complete

In School construction or renovation is always a challenge for contracting companies. Thus weber has developed a pumpable fast applied and fast covering flooring system allowing the completion of a project with limited deadlines. Associated with Weber Tile adhesives & grouts with Low Dust technology, works can be achieved with minimal disturbance.

Thermal comfort:

Webertherm MW is a new efficient thermal insulation system protecting the building and providing comfort to occupants in hot and cold countries. By reducing significantly usage of air conditioning and heating systems, Webertherm MW improves thermal comfort and hygiene in schools.

For colorful facades requirements, Weber proposes high performance and low maintenance mineral, acrylic and synthetic decorative finishes with a range of textures, offering durable and weather resistant protection.

Acoustic comfort:

Weber flooring impact sound insulation system contributes to reduce sound impacts between two levels up to 31 db.




Schools and universities are designed to educate the people that will lead the future. Architects and consultants would not be doing their job responsibly if using sustainable materials wasn’t one of the key concerns on its design. Saint-Gobain PAM is more than concerned by the environmental footprint of its products: longer lasting properties of its coatings and lighter pipes. Actually made of recycled raw materials (iron and steel scrap…), Saint-Gobain PAM cast iron pipe systems are completely and systematically recycled at the end of their life through processes harmless to the environment. Unlike reprocessed plastics leading to secondary products that cannot themselves be recycled, cast iron can be recycled without losing its properties and reused for the same purpose. Cast iron piping has been used successfully in plumbing systems for hundreds of years. Thousands of miles of municipal water and sewer systems use cast iron pipe. The reason is long term durability. Cast iron simply lasts.






Solar Gard window film rejects up to 79% of solar energy, dramatically reducing heat gain (up to 78%) through glass while allowing day lighting of interiors and reducing glare (up to 94%). Building occupants enjoy natural sunlight without suffering from intense solar heat and glare, yet the need for air conditioning is significantly reduced.

With the proven heat-rejection properties of window film, you eliminate “hot spots” and extreme peaks in air conditioning demands at certain times of the day. Interior temperatures are more controllable and stable, allowing cooling systems to work within capacity and consume less energy.

Moreover, Solar Gard offers spectrally selective technology which provides outstanding heat reduction with the highest optical clarity. The high solar reflectivity works to block heat from entering the building, reducing energy costs. Also high visible light transmission brightens interiors with natural light, minimizing need for interior lighting. Solar Gard Armorcoat® Safety & Security Films have been securing buildings around the world for decades, including some of the most prominent government facilities in the U.S. Globally, schools have also benefitted from the added layer of protection safety film provides. Easily installed, Armorcoat® is a much more cost-effective option when compared to laminated glass.

PRODUCTS: Silver, Sterling, Stainless Steel, TrueView, Sentinel, LX, Ecolux, Armorcoat




It is imperative that working conditions during construction are safe and highly productive. Norton Clipper products are OSA safety certified, which make work during construction highly safe. New and innovative products like Clipper “Silencio” cutting blades are 30-times less noisy than traditional cutting blades used during construction of concrete and masonry blocks. This will make any renovation easy even when there is high no. of population nearby.