As the population is growing rapidly, and medical science is evolving through the use of more performing equipment and technology, the healthcare industry in the Middle East will experience a very big boom in both the public and private sectors. At Saint-Gobain, we consider that healthcare facilities are not only buildings to accommodate patients and medical staff, but they can also play an important role in the well-being of their occupants and the healing process of patients.

Some scientific studies have revealed that patient rooms which are well ventilated, quiet and benefiting from natural daylight, can have a direct positive impact on the healing and recovery of patients from surgery, accidents and sickness.

With Saint-Gobain solutions, the performance of the surrounding building, floors, walls and ceilings can contribute towards ensuring the elements described above. In terms of hygiene and safety, a number of products have been designed to limit the growth and propagation of bacteria in operating theaters, emergency rooms and patient facilities.




In healthcare facilities there are two main groups: care givers and care recipients. The staff needs to concentrate in examinations and procedures that often include the use of loud medical equipment. Care recipients on the other hand need a peaceful environment where they can sleep and recover. Ecophon sound absorbing ceilings and wall panels contribute to a peaceful sound environment that increases the quality of healthcare: lowered blood pressure, reduced intake of pain medication and enhanced staff wellbeing and performance.

Learn more about Ecophon acoustic solutions for health.



Hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry and research laboratories represent environments where health, comfort and safety are crucial to the individual. Moreover, making facilities more efficient and less costly are key drivers for building owners. Most of these indicators are carefully considered while designing, producing, and selecting the most appropriate solutions for the various applications.


Physical comfort is critical to work effectiveness, satisfaction, as well as physical and psychological well-being. During the facility design and development process, to ensure comfortable environments, building projects must have a comprehensive, integrated perspective that seeks to:

• Provide a superior acoustic environment

• Optimize indoor air quality

• Ensure individual safety

Uncomfortable conditions in buildings and spaces – being too hot, too cold, or too noisy – restrict the ability of workers to function at full capacity. This can lead to lowered job satisfaction and increases the spread of illness. However, Mineral Wool Insulation serves as and indisputably vital solution to address this issue. A large variety of such solutions has been carefully developed by KIMMCO-ISOVER to cover most of the existing applications.




We create safe and quiet, healthy interiors that help speed patient recovery. High performance GypWall systems prevent intrusive noise, enhance fire safety and easily accommodate service runs, whilst Gyproc DuraLine prevents impact damage in high traffic areas, new Gyproc Habito makes fixing and relocation of cupboards and heavy items simple and advanced Activ’Air and M2TECH technology keep interiors healthy and damp-free.




In hospitals, clinics or any other healthcare premises in both public and private sectors, a special attention to the well-being of the patient and its comfort is primal for a better and quick recovery. Caring for the individual’s environment is one of Weber main concern.

Weber provides a wide range of flooring comfort solutions meeting the health facilities requirement such as flooring sound insulation enabling to reduce significantly sound impacts. In addition, our range of self-levelling underlayment of which weberfloor smooth FD will contribute to perfect smoothed and leveled floor surface prior to any covering with vinyl or rubber indispensable to facilitate transfer of patients and frequent cleaning.

Weber Tile adhesives with Low dust technology allow renovation works with a minimal disturbance for the patients. Weber tile joints have been specially developed including MOLD STOP anti-fungus properties to meet the hygiene requirements in hospitals.



Visual connect to the external environment is important to the occupant of the hospital. SGG Cool-Lite KT series will help you to achieve the recommended Light transmission 20% – 30% and solar factor 0.2. For a modern look to the patients’ rooms as well as the common area SGG Planilaque with its low VOC Lead Free, Copper Free and Arsenic Free will add to the wellbeing of the patients.




By providing access to optimal levels of daylight while maintaining unobstructed views of the outdoors, SageGlass helps to provide patients with a more comfortable recovery space that contributes to their overall health and wellbeing. In the case of the eye, the retina has not only a surface on which surrounding views are projected, but also cells that dictate a human’s biological clock. By providing patients with access to natural daylight, SageGlass helps strengthen patients’ biorhythm, boosting patient vitality and quality of life. Additionally, unlike interior blinds or shades, SageGlass does not accumulate dust, which helps decrease maintenance costs and contributes to the overall sanitation of the clinic. Furthermore, as SageGlass continues to adapt to the climatic conditions, the clinic will save on heating and air conditioning costs.




The innovative glazed protection solutions from Vetrotech, maximize well-being, fire safety and recovery in healthcare building. For maximum visibility and light, we offer the extra-large scale CONTRAFLAM MEGA fire protection solution and the CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE butt-jointed glazed protection solution with no intermediate frame. For corridors, offices and collective spaces, we offer the CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE screen glazed protection solution with integrated blinds and the PRIVA-LITE solution with dynamic control, which guarantee privacy as required.



Solar Gard window film rejects up to 79% of solar energy, dramatically reducing heat gain (up to 78%) through glass while allowing day lighting of interiors and reducing glare (up to 94%). Building occupants enjoy natural sunlight without suffering from intense solar heat and glare, yet the need for air conditioning is significantly reduced. With the proven heat-rejection properties of window film, you eliminate “hot spots” and extreme peaks in air conditioning demands at certain times of the day. Interior temperatures are more controllable and stable, allowing cooling systems to work within capacity and consume less energy. Moreover, Solar Gard offers spectrally selective technology which provides outstanding heat reduction with the highest optical clarity. The high solar reflectivity works to block heat from entering the building, reducing energy costs. Also high visible light transmission brightens interiors with natural light, minimizing need for interior lighting.

PRODUCTS: Silver, Sterling, Stainless Steel, TrueView, Sentinel, LX, Ecolux, Armorcoat




Quite environments are key for surgical operation rooms as well as patient rooms in modern hospitals. For architects and designers of new or renovated hospital projects, the Green Glue® Noise-proofing System offers cost-effective and easy-to-install soundproofing solutions. It can reduce noise transmission between patient rooms in hospitals by up to 90%.




ADFORS Novelio® range of glass fibre wall coverings is a solution for every interior and not just because of its aesthetically pleasing additions.

Its durable and cosy designs are ideal solutions for renovation, reconstruction, or an up-lift in décor. Paintable or ready-to-use? A new wall or one that needs renovation? Flat timeless or exquisitely designed? Whatever the need, ADFORS Novelio® can provide the solution.

Their value added products such as ADFORS Novelio® Nature or Classic with CleanAir or Mold-X treatment make this range ready to support and adorn any wall.

For issues such as cracks on walls, plaster boards in a hospital, moist environments in interiors of medical rooms, ADFORS FibaTape® is an ideal solution. It offers a full line of products for wall finishing, each offering strength, flexibility, easy installation, and considerable cost saving. In addition, ADFORS FibaTape® Mold-X provides mold protection for a safer environment.

The full line of wall-finishing tapes includes both the ADFORS FibaTape® self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tapes as well as the innovative ADFORS FibaFuse® paperless drywall tapes that are loved by DIYers and professional contractors alike. FibaTape® fiberglass mesh tapes have been created to work with specific needs: Cement board tape for cement board, Perfect Finish for butt joints, Mold-X10 for mold-resistant applications, etc.. These solutions are designed to be easier, faster, and stronger while also delivering excellent value and performance. The revolutionary FibaFuse® paperless drywall tape made out of a glass mat technology is designed for professional renovators and remodelers. FibaFuse® is an ideal alternative to paper tape being that it is stronger, lighter, easy to use, and also mold-resistant.

Glass fibre mesh fabrics and grids are something a hospital requires for better reinforcement. For interiors or exteriors, ADFORS Vertex® provides an easily applicable, durable, and smooth finish for your walls and floors. Saint-Gobain ADFORS is the leading manufacturer of standard and specialty insect screens and accessories for windows, doors, patios, and more. Easy to install, ADFORS screen comes in a variety of widths and lengths and serves a variety of functions to fit one’s lifestyle needs. From Extra Strength screen for high traffic areas, to Small Insect screen for added protection from tiny insects like no-see-ums and gnats, ADFORS screen has a solution to fit any need.



Health care facilities have specific requirements that should be taken into account when it comes to wastewater drainage design. Wastewater drainage systems in these buildings require demanding operating conditions due to the types of effluents they carry, the elevated temperatures they operate at, and intense use of the system. In buildings dedicated to people’s care and wellness, pipe systems have to meet more stringent requirements to maintain a safe and comfortable environment. To minimize the risk of ward closure or of medical care disruption, the pipe system selected should limit repair and maintenance. Saint-Gobain PAM offers its complete range of cast iron pipes and fittings, Ensign®, Standard and Plus Ranges, with their improved coatings, to ensure health care facilities can adapt to today’s and tomorrow’s demands.




It is imperative that working conditions during construction are safe and highly productive. Norton Clipper products are OSA safety certified, which make work during construction highly safe. New and innovative products like Clipper “Silencio” cutting blades are 30-times less noisy than traditional cutting blades used during construction of concrete and masonry blocks. This will make any renovation easy even when there is high no. of population nearby.