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IZOCAM sea rescue
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İZOCAM Said “Stop” Wastes Reaching The Sea

Inspired by the nature and supporting what is natural in every step it takes, İzocam has recently held an important event drawing attention to the pollution in our seas. A team consisting of 18 volunteered İzocam employees came together on July 20th, 2022 at the Istanbul Bebek coast to raise awareness against marine pollution from land waste. In the event, which was held jointly with Deniz Temiz Derneği (Clean Sea Association)/Turmepa (Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association) and Aktif Balık Adamlar Spor Kulübü Derneği (Active Aquanauts Sports Club Association), including our İzocam Export Manager Mr. Onur Gören, who has 3 brevets and a CMAS (World Confederation of Underwater Activities) certificate, a shore and seabed cleaning was carried out adding awareness activities, trainings and games, with the aim of leaving blue shores and a living sea to future generations. İzocam team collected 11 kilograms of waste in just 30 minutes Emphasizing that we need to say “stop” to marine pollution originating from land waste, İzocam Human Resources Director Ms. Gözdehan Çaycı said, “As İzocam, we have formed a volunteer team consisting of our colleagues to draw attention to this important issue. Our team managed to collect 11 kilograms of waste in just 30 minutes from Istanbul Bebek coast from paper, plastic, metal, glass and non-recyclable materials. Within 3-hour of collaborative effort, a total of 35 kilograms of waste was removed from the sea and sent to recycling facilities. Our volunteer team, which came together with the goal of making the world a better home, is preparing to continue its works with different activities in perspective.” İzocam, the leading brand that introduced healthy insulation to Turkey 57 years ago, leads the sector with its products that are produced from recycled materials, do not harm human health and are proven to be nature friendly.

For additional information: Ceyda Öner