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French President Emmanuel Macron with Pierre-André de Chalendar Saint-Gobain CEO and Chairman in Beirut Port

A third batch of Saint-Gobain construction materials reaches Beirut Port

A third batch of Saint-Gobain relief reached Beirut port on board cargo vessel ’’L’AKNOUL” from CMA CGM and was received by French President Emmanuel Macron and Pierre-André de Chalendar, Chairman and CEO of Saint-Gobain Group.

The vessel was carrying on board, construction materials from Saint-Gobain, 300 pallets of roof tiles, 8700 m2 of acoustic ceilings and accessories destined to schools and hospitals, 900 doors and door frames for heavily destructed houses, 6200 m2 of Gypsum boards and accessories and some 3100 m2 of glass wool. Two previous initiatives were carried by Saint-Gobain following August 4th incident, 9 semi-trailers and a 19-ton truck of plasterboard, ceiling tiles, glass wool and slabs were loaded onto a helicopter carrier and a Merchant ship in the port of Toulon and were received in Beirut on August 14 and 17, 2020. All these materials are targeted to the reconstruction of Beirut, and more specifically for schools and hospitals.

On the other hand, Saint-Gobain East Med. and Middle East team also took immediate action and ordered 200 containers of clear glass from Ain Al Soukhna- Egypt Glass plant, making sure that supplies of glass go uninterrupted to its distributors and glass processors in the Lebanese market.

During the site visits of Mr. de Chalendar accompanied by Hady Nassif Saint-Gobain CEO EMME cluster and the local team to Beirut neighborhoods that were heavily destructed by the blast and being rebuilt using materials provided by Saint-Gobain, he expressed his solidarity with the Saint-Gobain teams in Lebanon, their customers and all those who were affected by the unfortunate incident of August 4th, 2020.