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Back to the future

Our materials have made it possible to meet the many challenges associated with building Dubai’s spectacular Museum of the Future.  

A huge oval ring, like a giant eye that watches over the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. Saint-Gobain provided several solutions for the construction of this building, which is considered one of the most complex architectural projects in the world.

In particular, the Gyproc teams have developed a new and tailor-made offer: a system of steel structures capable of tilting and pivoting according to the desired angle. These “dynamic” frameworks, necessary for the assembly of Gyproc plasterboards, have made it possible to create the multiple curves and different shapes found in the building’s architecture. Other solutions incorporated into the museum include Adfors joint tapes installed in drywall, Kimmco-Isover glass wool to insulate air ducts and Weber high quality cementitious renderings.

On the building’s exterior façade, 1024 steel panels are joined together by Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions Norseal FS1000 foam joints. These seals have been chosen for their unique combination of sealing and resistance properties (fire, water, air,) as well as their ease of installation, contributing to the perfectly smooth appearance of the building envelope. The facade is covered with Arabic calligraphy, each letter serving as a glass window.

A symbol of architecture that constantly pushes back the boundaries with ever more efficient materials, this museum, built at the initiative of the Dubai Future Foundation, is also an example of sustainable building. It will be LEED Platinum certified through more than 50 environmental projects. The site will, for example, be powered by solar energy and will provide terminals for recharging electric cars.

Designed by the architectural firm Killa Design, the Museum of the Future once inaugurated, will host innovation laboratories on the major challenges of tomorrow – health, smart cities, energy and transport – and will allow visitors to test the leading tech companies’ latest breakthroughs.


Contact: Sana Pervez