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Solar Gard Armorcoat®

What does ARMORCOAT® do for you?

With countries across the world warning of the risks of blast at any moment, business and house owners should be regarding safety as an issue they cannot afford to take lightly.

The risk does not apply solely to large cities. Building designers and house owners should take measures into consideration when designing public open spaces. This reflects the threat posed not just to large office buildings, but to public areas such as night clubs and shopping centers.

Injuries by flying glass:

-90 percent of injuries are caused by flying glass, rather than the blast itself.

-It is vital, therefore, that steps be taken to ensure that glass windows, partitions and walls are sufficiently protected.

-Glass particles can travel at speeds of up to 150 mph.

A 400 metres away blast, glass from a broken window can hit a wall, 5 metres away, at a speed of 75 metres per second. In this scenario, glass particles of any size, even from strengthened windows that are designed to shatter into small pieces, are unquestionably lethal.

Saint-Gobain Solar Gard ARMORCOAT® Safety & Security Film in order to protect staff and the general public, businesses have a responsibility to ensure that glass can be held together as one piece in the event of a blast. One of the quickest, easiest and cheapest ways to do this is to install safety window film.

Saint-Gobain Solar Gard in Lebanon:

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