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A commitment to solidarity championed by our employees

A Foundation Reflecting Our CSR Policy

Solidarity is one of our Principles of Conduct and Action, hence a core value of Saint-Gobain Group. The Foundation, a concrete illustration, is integral to our policy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). “I started doing fund-raising work for Habitat for Humanity Romania when the country was still unfamiliar with the concept of CSR. Saint-Gobain’s initiatives helped generalize the idea. I remember our first local partnership, which called for insulating 27 houses. Later, we collaborated with Saint-Gobain Initiatives Foundation and carried out two building projects for local communities.”

Mario Demezzo, National Director, Habitat for Humanity Romania


Al Younbouh

A Foundation Reflecting Our Business Sectors

For a project to be eligible, it must be in one of two areas targeted for action:

  • Helping young people find jobs
  • Building, improving or renovating social housing in the general interest and help make it energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Eligible projects must be sponsored by current or retired Saint-Gobain employees or a non-profit organization and must benefit marginalized or disadvantaged populations. They must be located near a Saint-Gobain site.

The Foundation provides financial support to the projects it selects. Companies in the Saint-Gobain Group may supply building materials and/or technical expertise. In some cases, an opportunity arises for local employees to get involved with the association leading the initiative and participate on a voluntary basis. The Foundation does not subsidize any association or organization whatsoever, but covers the cost of work, services and training.


Networking At All Levels Within The Group

Governance The Board of Directors of the Foundation sets general policy and defines the main areas for action. Chaired by Pierre-André de Chalendar, it has 15 members including two employee representatives and five experts from the construction, architecture and occupational integration sectors.

Foundation decisions are made collectively. Two committees, composed of experts and executives from the Group, review the applications:

  • The Selection Committee gives an opinion
  • The Executive Board makes the final decision and sets the amount of financial support, if any.

A coordinating team monitors the projects and performs the routine administrative tasks needed to run the Foundation.


The Foundation Key figures

The Foundation Figures


The Foundation

A Network Of Ambassadors

A network of “Ambassadors” has been set up to help the Foundation expand its action. The following are eligible:

  • Project sponsors
  • Experts or volunteers that have worked on a project
  • Managers at production or distribution sites that have donated materials
  • Members of the Selection Committee or Executive Board
  • Local communication or HR officers
  • Any individual wishing to contribute to the life of the Foundation.

Ambassadors actively promote the Foundation within their spheres of responsibility and influence, help find local sponsors and experts, and share best practices and information that could help the Foundation expand or its projects run smoothly.

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