The acceleration of economic activities and growth in demographics of the local population and expats in the Middle East has created a great opportunity for industrial activities to develop and prosper. This has made the whole region become a major industrial hub for manufacturing of construction material, consumer hygienic products and food and agro-products in addition to petro-chemicals as a complementary product of the oil and gas industry. Benefiting from low costs of energy, a good geographical position to facilitate logistics and a competitive work force, the industrial ventures have built a solid track record in performance, quality and a competitive edge.

Saint-Gobain has placed its materials and solutions at the service of many industries in this region including raw materials like gypsum rocks and high grade plasters for construction materials, sanitary and ceramic manufactures. Saint-Gobain also offers a wide range of products like ductile iron pipes, abrasives, industrial floor solutions and decking systems, in addition to technical fabrics and stone wool for hot process manufacture and glass wool solutions for the building and HVAC industries.



KIMMCO-ISOVER produce and supply high-performance insulation solutions for a wide variety of industries for thermal efficiency, safety and sustainability. The insulation supplied by KIMMCO-ISOVER are robust and resists mechanical vibrations and abuse.

KIMMCO-ISOVER has been developing a unique range of mineral wool products specifically designed for OEM applications like for solar panels, fire doors, Gen-set enclosure and sandwich panels . With numerous customers across Middle East, KIMMCO-ISOVER understands the production needs of original equipment manufacturers, based on performance, customized products and logistics. KIMMCO-ISOVER is a reliable partner of the industrial requirements, thanks to its high quality and safe products.





To meet high mechanical, abrasion and chemical resistance properties needed in high traffic areas like warehouses and factories Weber offers several floor coating systems such as epoxy flooring system (weberfloor Epobat), and a polyurethane flooring system (weberfloor 220 PU).

Resistant epoxy structural grout such as webertec 430 GRT Plus is designed for bedding of machines and industrial equipment exposed to intense use and repetitive vibrations

In an industrial environment maintenance of the structures must be done while production is running. Thus Weber provides a large set of solutions of repairs, patching, bonding.

Weberep epo 412 CRY plus is a high strength thixotropic epoxy patching and bonding paste, designed for application to minor imperfections in concrete surfaces from a feather-edge to 3 mm and can be used in filling pinholes prior to overcoating with epoxy floor coatings as weberfloor epobat.




We help to make busy working environments safer with high performance partitions that protect workers from noisy equipment and enhance their fire safety. Gyproc FireStop linings also provide fire protection to structural steelwork – protecting valuable assets should fire break out.





Vetrotech Saint-Gobain offer solutions that contribute safety and security in addition to comfort of the occumpants in the industrial sector. Fire is a risk in many industrial environments and structural fire protection is identified as one of the greatest challenge. Vetrotech provides efficient fire compartmentalization, thereby enabling people to respond quickly in case of a fire accident.


Fire Rating: 1 to 2 hours of fire protection as per UAE Civil Defense requirement




Saint-Gobain ADFORS manufactures a complete range of thoroughly engineered and highly innovative industrial fabrics for reinforcement, facing, and customized solutions. The scope of applications of this fabric is extensive and includes: reinforcement for waterproofing membranes, facings, reinforcements for gypsum, cement boards, facings for mineral insulation (glass/stone wool), etc… Saint-Gobain ADFORS utilizes laid scrim, woven, knit or laminate technology to create these technical textiles.




Norton continually delivers innovative solutions across major industries – from advanced manufacturing systems to hydropower, electronics to construction, and general do-it-yourself projects to renovations. The Norton Vulcan range of Cutting, Grinding and Finishing products helps customers cut, grind, and finish all types of steel. It facilitates very high productivity with extended product life.

Norax, a special patented shape for finishing applications, provides the highest performance, consistent finish, and shorter work time.

Norton Pro Plus contains high-performance abrasive grain, leading to lower abrasive cost. This solution is extensively used in car body shops for automotive after-market.

Norton RAIL reinforced cut-off wheels for steel cutting, is a heavy duty application which is the best at high metal removal rates. When used, these wheels deliver a dramatically shorter grinding cycle with higher productivity.




There are many reasons to tint your vehicle, including protection from harmful rays, safety and privacy. Solar Gard window film is like sunscreen for your car. Those benefits are:

a- Driving comfort: Window film is designed to reject and absorb the solar energy that heats up the inside of your car. This reduces the need to use air conditioning. b- Protection from UV rays: Solar Gard window film blocks up to 99% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun that can cause skin cancer with an SPF rating of 285+. c- Safer driving: Window film reduces the glare from the sun, snow and headlights, which can increase visibility to make driving safer. d- Shatter protection: Solar Gard window film helps hold glass together when shattered, preventing dangerous shards from harming passengers in the event of an accident. e- Enhanced privacy: Increase privacy and even helps prevent theft by reducing the outside view of possessions inside the car. Note: All window films must be applied in accordance with local tint laws by a professional Solar Gard installer. f- Protecting your investment: Heat rejection coupled with UV protection can prevent sun damage and fading to your car’s interior, maintaining the interior of your car longer. g- Customize your look: Window film can give your car a customized sleek look with a variety of shades and colors.

PRODUCTS: LX, Ultra Performance, High Performance, Non-Reflective, Armorcoat, Clearshield Pro


Metal buildings are the most efficient and esthetically pleasant solution for building large spaces for industrial use. The prefabricated sandwich panel systems are used as building envelopes in the metal buildings. They combine high-quality with high flexibility regarding design, and have good energy-efficiency and sustainability in Middle-East weather environment. Norseal® gasketing foam tapes gasketing-foams offer a high performing and durable air and water tightness solution between the sandwich panels enabling condensation, air, water tightness as well as fire protection of the systems.