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Nada, Treasurer – EMME Countries

SG treasury management is based on 3 principles: enforcement of financial risk management rules within the group, optimization of financial conditions for the entities, and management of daily operations.

EMME treasury supports the treasuries of the countries, serves as the interface between the DTF and the local treasury functions, anticipates cash flow shortages and finds alternative funding options, negotiates with banks, monitors the execution of the foreign currency hedging, and ensures that all the Group guidelines are followed properly.
I collaborate with three Treasury Managers (GCC – Turkey – Egypt), and was travelling frequently before Covid-19 to the countries to meet with the team, with bank representatives, and to review treasury matters.
Nowadays, we switched to video conferencing and online tools.
20 years of experience in finance prior to joining Saint-Gobain, I have been working for Saint-Gobain for 4 years;
2 years as procurement manager and I am Treasurer for the EMME since 2 years.

Working with Saint-Gobain teams is different than working with other Companies; the spirit is different.>
It is more teamwork oriented, and you feel you belong to this family.

I am proud and happy to be part of the Saint-Gobain family, and I strongly encourage talents to join Saint-Gobain where experience, career development and a dynamic environment will be waiting for them.

Ece, Human Resources Director – Weber Turkey

I’ve been working at Saint-Gobain Weber for 4 years. Before, I had different experiences in multi-national companies of various sectors as an HR professional.

What is challenging for me in HR is that no two days are ever the same. I believe that HR has a strategic role in influencing and shaping an organization’s culture through good people management practices, regardless of the size, industry or current environment of the company. If you enjoy working with people in a diverse environment, HR can be a good option because you can confront a variety of challenges on a day to day basis, from administrative tasks, like contracts and job applications, to more people-oriented tasks, like implementing new ways of working or increasing the level of engagement and collaboration.

The best part of working at Saint-Gobain as an HR professional is that is you can help your stakeholders, your employees, your customers, your candidates benefit from a variety of solid experiences, considering that this is a company which has been in the market for 355 years with all the wisdom, expertise, acquired knowledge and refinement in its DNA, and shows a strong commitment to its purpose of “making the world a better home.” With that strength, you can design a tremendous development path for your employees just from the first day, as well as being able to offer a well-designed candidate journey to attract the new- generation, young talents. I believe HR is a core player in this striving to make our purpose a real call to action.

Joelle, Operations Manager – Weber Lebanon

I am responsible of the daily operation of Saint-Gobain Weber plant in Lebanon Hosrayel (Jbeil), my job consists on a daily follow up with most of the departments to ensure good planning and organization in order to have an efficient productivity chain, providing our customers good services and product quality.

I am based in Lebanon more specifically in Jbeil, I started my career in this same company in 2001 that was previously known locally as SODAMCO, after our integration in the Saint-Gobain group we started promoting our activity as Saint-Gobain Weber Middle East.

I joined the group as a secretary and my role has evolved to sales coordinator, stock keeper, customer service manager and today I am the Operation Manager of the plant. All these positions allowed me to develop my know-how and strengthen my ability to take over such higher responsibility in the group.

I am proud of my achievements and throughout the years I have learned a lot on how to motivate our team, be patient, open and supportive as well as focus on good teamwork, encourage agility and foster loyalty.

Being the person I am today, I have gained the respect of my team and have inspired other women in the group to believe that effort pays and that nothing is impossible.

Haneen, Specification Engineer – Kimmco-Isover UAE

I am an architect with 9 years of experience in the construction field in different multinational companies.

I recently joined Saint-Gobain as a Specification Engineer at Kimmco-Isover in the UAE, my job consists in building relations with the clients (engineers) by conducting regular formal and casual visits to their offices in order to give them the technical support and recommend the right products and solutions for their designed projects.

My previous working experiences guided my today path, I had the chance to work in one of the well-known consultant firm in the UAE as a specification writer, where I was previously in the client’s shoes, and 6 years back I have moved to the specification engineer position in another renown multinational manufacturer where I got the chance to discover more my personality and allowed me to settle in this field that I daily explore with more enthusiasm and passion.

Meeting different people from different companies is the everyday challenge, meeting a person for the first time is almost the hardest part, but sometimes, this stranger could be one of your most unpredictable moment, for instance, one day in my regular formal visits to one of the biggest consultant firm in the UAE, I met accidently my school friend working there with a senior position, where it turned the formal meeting into a very casual one by calling back university days memories, and results in having a good support where we have specified more than one solution after giving the needed technical support to the design engineer.

Working at Saint-Gobain is a unique opportunity as you will be exposed to more and different product ranges and solutions, allowing you to build on your technical experience and your career strength. On the other hand, working in an International renown organization exposes you to different challenges, meanwhile, allowing you to widen your relations and circle of connections.